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How to Win a Key?

The Promotion will commence on Monday 1st of June at 9am and finish on Wednesday 12th August at 6pm – There will be 100 keys in total awarded.

Members must be present at the key entitlement draws for the chance to win a key.

How do you enter?

  1. When you enter the club go to the kiosk in the gaming area and swipe your membership card, this will give you an entry into the promotion, your ticket will automatically print into the barrel.
  2. When purchasing drinks from the bar, meals from the Bistro or playing the poker machines you will receive points. Once 100 points is accumulated you can swipe your card at the kiosk and redeem the 100 points for an extra entry ticket into the draw, which you will place into the barrel.
  3. When you pay your Club Membership or if you join the Club you will also receive 5 entries into the draw.
  4. Anytime you are playing the poker machines, enter your membership card into the machine to receive extra tickets which will automatically print into the barrel.
  5. Two tickets will be drawn on Wednesday 10th June at 12pm for the first 2 key entitlements; four tickets will be drawn on Wednesday 10th June at 6pm. Then again on Sunday 14th at 6pm another four tickets will be drawn. Each member can only claim 1 key entitlement per draw.
  6. Each Sunday night the barrel will be emptied and the tickets will start to accumulate again for the following Wednesday, therefore 10 tickets for key entitlements will be given out each week.
  7. Your last chance to enter will be on Wednesday 12th August at 5pm when the last of your tickets can be put be in the barrel for your chance to win one of the last 10 tickets for key entitlements.
  8. At 6.30pm if you have won a key entitlement your name will be called out and you will come up to the key barrel and draw out a key. Once all the keys have been issued the first person drawn out will have a chance to try their key in the suitcase lock to win a $10,000 travel voucher from Holiday World Salamander Bay, which is not transferrable or Redeemable for Cash.
  9. Please note you must be present to try your key – No Proxies may be appointed
  10. This will continue until the lock on the suitcase has been opened.
  11. All points accumulated during the promotion period that have not been redeemed for tickets, will be deleted from your card once this promotion has finished.