Fishing Club Membership Information

Dear Fishing Club Member

On behalf of the 2014-15 Committee, welcome to the start of a new Fishing Club year.

You will note that the Club Calendar is now available on this web site and will not be posted out as in previous years. A business card size calendar outlining this seasons weigh-in and event dates however will be available upon request from the committee. Also available on this site are our weigh-in rules and bag and size limits.

Please read the rules carefully

It should be noted that to claim any end of year trophy anglers need to have attempted to weigh in at our monthly weigh in 3 times. There are some new for 2015 special incentives for participating members who do weigh in in the form of BBQ vouchers and, after weighing in 3 times becoming eligible for an additional $20 club cash draw, an additional $20 after 6 and then 2 draws of $50.00 after 8 weigh ins. Our weigh-ins are held at the Club at 4.00pm Sunday on most occasions unless otherwise stated for some ‘special events’.

As in previous years, you can support the fishing club at our raffles held on Thursday nights from 6.00pm. Our aim is to encourage members to fish and participate in our weigh-ins. At each weigh in there is an excellent BBQ for $5.00 but those who do weigh in receive a $5.00 voucher that can be spent on the BBQ.

Novice and expert anglers are welcome to join in the social and fishing aspects of the club. I am pleased to say that we are building up our fishing members.

At this time a firm date for the Warners Bay bowls day at FBSC is unavailable. Keep an eye on the board or website for further information. Ladies Day is a great day so don’t miss that.

Christmas drinks will be held at FBSC on Sunday the 21st of Dec. It is a weigh-in day, which will be held at 1.00pm, and then throughout the afternoon we will be sharing some excellent food and a few drinks until about 4.00pm. A relaxing afternoon is guaranteed and I hope you can join us.
Next year we are changing our presentation night to December. This will mean a once only longer [16 month vs 12] competition until from 2015 on it will become an annual competition.

Please check the fishing club folder on the wall inside the club or this site regularly for information, updates and changes that sometimes happen.

I hope that you have an opportunity throughout the year to do a bit of fishing and then come and share your ‘one that got away’ stories with us at fishing club events.


Michael Day [President]

2015 Committee Roy Cooper; Rob Henderson; Leigh Wakeling; Roy McClung

2014-2015 Fishing Club Calendar

Aug 24 Weigh In

Sept 21 Weigh In TBA Warners Bay Bowls Day 9.30 at club —-TBC

Oct 26 Weigh In

Nov 16 Ladies Day

Nov 23 Weigh In

Dec 21 Weigh In [1.00pm] and Xmas Drinks[1.00 – 4.00pm; Venue FBSC]

Jan 25 Weigh in

Feb 15 Weigh in —- Warners Bay Fishing Comp

March 15 Weigh In [FBFC Vs Shoal Bay] at FB

April 26 Weigh In

May 24 Weigh In

June 28 Weigh In

July 26 Weigh In

Aug 2 AGM 10.30am FBSC

Aug 23 Weigh In

Sept 27 Weigh In Oct Warners Bay Bowls Day at WB —–TBC

Oct 25 Weigh In

Nov 8 Ladies Day

Nov 22 Weigh In

Dec 5 Presentation Night All weigh – ins at 4.00pm unless otherwise stated.

Please Note Occasionally for unforeseen reasons these dates may need to be changed. Please check the Board or Web Site for confirmation.

Nb We are changing to an annual competition from 2015 onwards. 2014-15 is a changeover year and this year’s competition will in fact run until the November WI

Fingal Bay Fishing Club Weigh-in Rules 1/8/2014

Our fishing club recognises and welcomes an opportunity to support practices that provide for sustainable fishing now and into the future. These guidelines are provided to encourage all members to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible way; to participate in and enjoy the sport of fishing, and, to inform those who weigh-in on competition weekends. Members are expected to consult and adhere to State Fisheries guidelines at all times. To avoid embarrassment members should carefully check that fish to be weighed definitely meet the size limits bellow.

Weighing in Fish

  • All fish must be in a fresh condition (not frozen), gilled and gutted.
  • All fish must be prepared for weighing before returning to the club.
  • Anglers wishing to have fish weighed must be present when fish are weighed.

Monthly Fishing Competition — NB. Always check the calendar for any variations.

  • Will normally be held between Friday 4 pm – Sunday 4 pm. on the fourth full weekend of the month.
  • Weigh-ins will take place at the club on the Sunday at 4.00pm.
  • Some ‘Special Event’ weigh-ins are at 1pm. Check the calendar for any variations.
  • Fish may be entered under 1 of 4 categories. Beach, Estuary, Rock, Deep Sea.

Prizes NB. To be eligible to win any prize an angler must weigh in at our monthly weigh-in at least 3 times.

To be eligible to win a category prize an angler must weigh in at least 3 times in that category. Prizes where appropriate, will be awarded annually for.
Champion and Runner-up anglers in each of the 4 categories.

  • Female Champion and Runner-Up
  • Junior Champion and Runner-Up (under 18 yrs of age)
  • Grand Champion (Overall points score)
  • The largest of species (Fish to be weighed by contacting a member of the Committee or Nominee).

The following fish will score 1 point per fish plus 10 points per kilo. There is a limit of 10 fish per species unless otherwise stated in club rules or State Fisheries Bag limits.

Species Size Limit Bag Limit
Bream 28cm 10
Drummer 33cm 10
Flathead 36cm 10
Flounder 25cm 10
Groper 40cm 2
Garfish 25cm 10
Aust Salmon 33cm 3
Kingfish 65cm 3
Leather Jacket 28cm 10
Luderick 30cm 10
Tuna 60cm 3
Species Size Limit Bag Limit
Morwong 30cm 10
Nanigai 25cm 10
Mullaway 70cm 2
Snapper 30cm 10
Tailor 33cm 10
Bonito 33cm 3
Teraglin 38cm 5
Trevally 30cm 10
WhitingSand 27cm 10
WhitingOther 22cm 10
Dolphin Fish 60cm 10

Species not accepted include:

Rays, Eels, Kelpfish, Toadfish, Cod, Catfish, Parrotfish, Marlin, Sharks, Sweep, Long Tom, and any other species deemed as unacceptable by the Weigh Master.

All other fish will score 1 point per fish plus 5 points per kilo and must be at least 30cm long.
NB Fish caught while trolling where the boat driver may be disadvantaged can be shared equally between fishers for weigh in purposes.

Social Fishing Club Champions

90-91 G. Harrison

91-92 G. Harrison

92-93 A. Bailey

93-94 R. Quinn

94-95 J. Dodd

95-96 J. Dodd

96-97 J. Dodd

97-98 M. Winter

98-99 C. Mather

00-03 R. Hyland

2004 K. Barry

2005 R. Henderson

2006 S. Clarke

2007 R. Barrett

2008 R. Barrett

2009 R. Barrett

2010 R. Barrett

2011 R. Barrett

2012 R. Barrett

2013 R. Barrett